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When I'm Sixty-Four

The list of things possibly relevant to corvx143's interests. Ignore and disregard.


photocafe ;; Random photos posted daily
horrorfilmicons ;; Snag and post horror icons
beautiful_food ;; Shut up, I like it
geekcrafts ;; Geek Crafts


WRESTLERS ~ The comms where anything pertaining to the title wrestler can be posted
planet_kelly ;; The Kelly Kelly comm
batistafans ;; The Batista comm
bros_destruct ;; The Kane & Taker comm
thecenation ;; The Cena comm
cmpunkfans ;; The CM Punk comm
dibiasejr ;; The Ted DiBiase Jr comm
wrestle_icons ;; Icons

PAIRINGS ~ Slashy stuff only
shawn_triple_h ;; HBK/HHH
codiasi ;; Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase
mizena ;; John Cena/The Miz


CHARACTERS ~ Slash accepted, but not required. Art, icons, etc go here
spn_anna ;; The Anna comm
spn_gabriel ;; The Gabriel comm
spn_castiel ;; The Castiel comm
spn_nick ;; The Nick comm
spn_lucifer ;; The Lucifer comm
spn_jimmynovak ;; The Jimmy comm
spn_crowley ;; The Crowley comm
jwinchester_fic ;; The John comm
papawinchester ;; The other, better John comm
spn_michael ;; The Michael comm
evilsam_spn ;; Specifically for Lucifer or Demon Sam

CHARACTER PAIRINGS ~ Slash communities
deangabriel ;; Dean/Gabriel
spndaddys_boy ;; Dean/John
deancastiel ;; Dean/Cas
sam_castiel ;; Sam/Cas
wincast ;; Sam/Cas/Dean
evil_deanandsam ;; Evil Dean/Evil Sam
bobby_crowley ;; Bobby/Crowley

RPS PAIRINGS ~ Slashing real people, not like that's a hobby of mine, or anything
jmjfans ;; Jensen/Misha/Jared
jaredmisha ;; Jared/Misha

GENERAL STUFF ~ And that other stuff
salt_burn_porn ;; SPN Porn fics daily
spn_hardcore ;; SPN Kink fic
sn_crossovers ;; SPN/Other Fandom
sn_fic ;; General SPN Fic
supernaturalart SPN Art

And of course theres thousands more, but I figured you'd really not need any rare pairs. Also, I may have intentionally left out the links to the comms I spend most of my time at. You know, whatever. ♥

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